Technical Writing Job Application Letter

Job application letter is one of the supporting element is quite important in the process of applying for a job. Therefore, it helps us create a cover letter properly.
As a formal letter in general, cover letter is divided into three parts, among them:

The First, Opener, Its contents identify the source of information from which the applicant knows the job vacancy. Then, what is spoken for vacancies and self explaining that applicants meet the requirements and desired qualifications of the company 

The second, Contents or description, contents of the description that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements demanded and have matched it. In addition, also mentioned information about age, experience, skills, and other information that support the desired position

The Third, Closing, closing sentence that contains the applicant's expectations about the next process, which is accompanied by a thank you.
Ideally takes about 15 minutes to create an effective cover letter. However, before starting to write a letter of application, it is worth watching rules, ethics and the proper way of writing. Write a letter of application should notice the order of language for easy understanding. For that, use good Indonesian Language and correct. Write a resume with a sentence that is not too long, short and efficient, clear, and polite. Cover letter containing such information does not need to elaborate because the later will be enclosed with curriculum vitae. Include the address as clearly as possible in order to facilitate the company or agency contact for the purposes of the next selection process. Use the model of writing the most practical.Some important notes on writing a cover letter to look polite and formal as follows.
  1. Between a city name or date with one line left blank destination address if using striped folio. 
  2. Between the destination address with the word "Dear" emptied one line if you use handwriting or 4 spaces when typed 
  3. Between the words "With Respect" with the opening of a letter left blank a line or two spaces when typed. Writing a paragraph with the following paragraph does not need to be emptied.
  4. Writing the word "Respect Me" in the cover letter of application is two lines from the closing sentence.
  5. Writing the word "attachment" is three rows down from the cover letter sentence.

Sample cover letter with no experience
Jakarta, January 11, 2009Dear.Director or ManagerPO Box 13xxxJakarta
With RespectI intend to apply for a job as Marketing Executive Mr ads aimed at the daily "X" on 9 January 2009. I have a requirement that the father was listed in the ad.I am now 21 years of age, D3 graduated in 2008. In addition, I also have a SIM C, but I've never worked at all. As for completing the activities, I attended an English course.I could work hard and willing to do all the work assigned to me. I also would always dutifully carry out anywhere, including outside the city in accordance with the provisions of the company.Although no experience in sales, but with courage and strong desire to go forward, I am sure in time will not take long to master the field. Answers and a call from my father for an interview so look forward with great expectations
I Sincerely,
[Full Name]

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