Papaya sap to be naughty Fish Eye

EYE fish, its Latin name clavus, a disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). This phenomenon is characterized by hardening of the skin layer. The form of a lump about the size of a quarter of peanut shells. Various ways done to remove the roots that exist in fish eye like a small operation (eksesi) and the use of foreign drugs.

Minor surgery with local anesthesia usually done if the fish eye has long been on the soles of the feet. But of papaya latex them know you if it turns out also to cure this disease? Papaya latex used to soften the flesh and burn medicine. Papaine papaya latex contains a substance that consists of many amino acids and serves as foreign drugs.

Milky white sap that can be found on stems, leaves, and papaya fruit. Its use can be mixed with lime (enjet), then applied evenly on the fish eye. The content contained in papaya latex can break down proteins, soften also remove dead skin cells. In fact, papain is used as a controller medicine in surgery. The good, use papaya latex is still young. Without a small operation, this traditional way can be applied to overcome the stubborn fish eye.

Of course with the regular use and keep clean. Keep in mind, the eyes of the fish can come back if the roots are not clean air. Unlike warts protruding outward, protruding into the fish eye. Fish eye as the name suggests, has a core that looks like eyes in the middle and the colored nodes, sore to the touch. This virus usually attacks the soles of the feet or palms of hands, which often caused friction with hard objects and are often located in damp places. The various terms used to refer to this disease, including ticks.

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