Kenikir Prevent Cancer

Usually leaves kenikir or Latin name cosmos caudatus is known as a complement to the dish pecel. It costs nothing to eat the bitter leaf that grows in the lowlands this. Green shrub with leaves clustered features of this aromatic fragrance and has a slightly bitter taste. Kenikir plants have red flowers, orange, or yellow are often found as a replacement hedge.

Who would have thought this one hedgerows have unexpected benefits. Herbal medicine is efficacious as a weak stomach, reinforcing the bone and appetite enhancer. Kenikir leaf containing 3 percent protein, 0.4 percent fat and carbohydrates and rich in calcium and vitamin A. This herb also contains saponins, polyphenols and essential oils flavonoida. 

Essential oils are known as the basic ingredient of the perfume that has a distinctive aroma and volatile. Another benefit that is kenikir contain antioxidants to counteract free radicals. Free radicals are believed to trigger many diseases due to environmental factors, such as cancer and heart disease. In kenikir, the content of flavonoids is the most effective antioxidants that ward off evil substance. Because of this, called the agent kenikir kemopreventif. 

Kenikir other relatives, or in Latin is called erecta marigold have the same benefits. Flowers kenikir the ground, then added with vinegar can be used as a poultice. With regular use, the poultice can also be used as drug mumps swelling in the breast. Type kenikir this one in Java called kotok droppings. Besides efficacious as a medicine, the flowers can be used as an insect repellent with a rich aroma and the stinging.

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